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Martina Guandalini-Infinity Table 02.jpg


The Infinity table expresses a meditative form.

It is ethereal and delicate,simultaneously mutable and eternal.

During these past two years of emotional upheaval, I began a visual journey that led to

this project. The shock of the pandemic urged me to reconnect with the deepest and

most spiritual part of myself, because it is precisely when we lose our everyday

material certainties that we must tap into our inner wellsprings of strength.

For a new beginning, what inspired me was the idea of Infinity.

These objects, which can be used either as tables or chairs, are composed of a

modular structure: an infinitely repeatable matrix that visually explores balance.

Infinity has neither a beginning nor an end and is, therefore, by definition, an absolute

motivating force, an eternal flame that we should always keep nourished and lit within us.

Here, as with my previous Soulmate collection, I explore two different materials: resin

and marble contrast as known and unknown, as security and insecurity, exploring

reflections, perspectives, and infinite repetitions.

An invitation to investigate the unlimited possibilities of our deepest unconscious self,

let go of uncertainties and embrace a transcendental vision, to overcome the earthly

and in-control boundaries our daily life imposes on us.

A modulation of the infinite, pure in its desire to evoke astonishment and wonder, and

firm in its momentary cancellation of self, of belief.

Like sand, it is composed of infinite tiny grains, it creates endless horizons - our being

can project itself into a boundless, inexhaustible emotional universe.


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